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da Vinci Surgeries

Lake Regional Health System now has the da Vinci X robotic surgery system. Lake Regional Urologist Eric McQueary, D.O., is the first Lake Regional surgeon to use the new system to provide minimally invasive surgeries, including for prostate cancer, kidney cancer and urinary tract conditions.

The system provides a magnified view inside the body, so surgeons see in much greater detail. The system also enables surgeons to reach more places. It has tiny instruments that bend and rotate far greater than the human hand. The instruments also minimize hand tremors.

Dr. McQueary has performed more than 100 da Vinci surgeries and trained for five years on the system during his residency in urologic surgery in Detroit, Michigan.

“I am present with the patient in the operating room throughout the procedure, and I am always fully in charge of how the instruments move,” Dr. McQueary said. “I control the instruments as extensions of my hands.”

Compared to open surgery, the da Vinci robotic surgery system has many potential benefits, including shorter recovery times, less pain — so less pain medication — and minimal scarring. The benefits compared to traditional minimally invasive surgery vary with the procedure. Potential benefits of a da Vinci prostatectomy (partial or full removal of the prostate gland) include fewer complications, a shorter hospital stay, and a faster return of pre-surgery erectile function and urinary continence. Potential benefits of a da Vinci nephrectomy (removal of a kidney) include less blood loss, fewer complications and a shorter hospital stay.

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