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Pediatric Physical Therapy

Lake Regional physical therapists work with children on gross motor development, balance, coordination, walking and posture.

We offer water therapy, bodyweight-supported treadmill training, a variety of fun strengthening activities and education so you can feel confident with a home program to help your child achieve goals. Click to learn more about developmental benchmarks.

Gross Motor Development

  • Delayed on developmental milestones – sitting, crawling, walking, jumping, etc.
  • Floppy or doughy feel to legs or arms
  • Uses one side of body more than the other
  • Has still arms and/or legs
  • Excessive tight muscles or difficulty moving arms or legs

Balance and Coordination

  • Frequent falls/clumsy
  • Difficulty kicking, throwing or catching, as age appropriate

Walking Skills

  • Toe-walking
  • Pigeon-toed
  • Duck-walking
  • Trips often
  • Excessive flat foot
  • Foot-flop
  • Excessive knock-knees or bow-legged


  • W sitting
  • Poor tolerance to positional changes, as age appropriate
  • Does not want to lay on stomach
  • Floppy or limp posture
  • Inactive sitting or playing positions
  • Arches back often, even when not mad
  • Baby’s head turned, tilted or back of head flat

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