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Refill a Prescription

Need a refill? There's no need to wait in line to tell us so. As a Lake Regional Pharmacy customer, you can request refills by phone or online.

Online Refills

Click the location to refill online.

Phone Refills

Sync Your Refills

Wish you didn't have to manage ongoing refills? You don't! Sync Your Refills is a free service that allows you to pick up all of your ongoing prescription refills on a single, convenient day each month. You may also choose to have them delivered to you at no extra cost! This service is especially helpful if you take multiple medications on an ongoing basis.

To get started, bring a list of your medications to your Lake Regional Pharmacy. A pharmacy staff member will help you choose the best date for one monthly refill. Once you begin the program, pharmacy staff will call your doctors for refills and also will work with your insurance companies. Then, about a week before your refill date, a pharmacy staff member will call you to confirm which prescriptions are needed.

By working with you and your doctor, the pharmacist will ensure that you are taking the right medications each month and that your prescriptions are ready for pickup or delivery before you run out. You'll find it easier to stick to your medication regimen and will have more time to do the things you love. It's convenient, easy and free!