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Medication Management

Taking your medication as prescribed is important. Missing doses or taking them at the wrong time can cause serious health issues.

Lake Regional Pharmacy's Medication Therapy Management program takes a personal approach to helping you manage your medications. Working together, one-on-one, we empower you to take control of your health issues so you achieve the best possible results from your prescribed treatment program.


Medication Therapy Management services include:

  • Conducting a patient assessment and/or a comprehensive medication review
  • Formulating a medication treatment plan
  • Monitoring efficacy and safety of medication therapy
  • Enhancing medication adherence through patient empowerment and education
  • Documenting and communicating Medication Therapy Management services to prescribers

Eligible patients receive services at no cost.


Medication Therapy Management includes a one-on-one meeting with a pharmacist to help with the following:

  • Making sure you are using your medication correctly
  • Reducing medication-related problems
  • Finding new medications that can improve your health
  • Helping you make positive lifestyle changes
  • Learning more about your condition
  • Finding less expensive medications


Lake Regional pharmacists will conduct Medication Therapy Management for anyone based upon their chronic medical conditions.

Medicare identifies patients based upon the following criteria:

  • Have at least one of these chronic conditions: diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, asthma or chronic pain
  • Take 10 or more prescriptions
  • Spend at least $4,000 per year on prescription medications

Get Started

Email Christa Westhusing,, to see if you qualify for Medication Management Therapy. Please include your full name, date of birth and preferred pharmacy.

You also may schedule an appointment for an in-person consultation by calling the Lake Regional Pharmacy closest to you.


A pharmacist will call you to schedule an in-person appointment. Each session lasts 30 to 60 minutes. You will receive a Personal Medication Record, along with a medication action plan with advice on solving your medication problems. Follow-up sessions can be handled over the phone.