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Total Joint Replacement, From Beginning to Beginning Anew

The orthopedics team at Lake Regional is built around the needs of each individual patient. From initial diagnosis to surgery preparation, home health and full rehabilitation, everyone works to make sure you regain function. We invite you to follow the process alongside a patient who has had both a knee and a shoulder replacement at Lake Regional. If you are seeking consultation from one of our specialists, please visit our orthopedics page.

The Journey Begins Part 1

Total joint replacement is not the first resort. Patients will meet with an orthopedic specialist to determine the level of discomfort and chart a course from there. Ultimately, we want you to stop thinking about joint pain and start enjoying life without hesitation.

Understanding The Process Part 2

Expectations drive success. Once a patient is recommended for total joint replacement, we work to make sure they are educated and ready to make a full recovery.

Surgery & Recovery Part 3

After thorough preparation, the patient and surgeon are ready to take the next big step. We monitor progress carefully following the procedure before sending anyone on their way.

The Road to Rehabilitation Part 4

This is not an overnight fix. But if you've been following along, you already knew that. Ultimate success depends on the patient doing their part and communicating with the team at Lake Regional.

The Role of Total Joint Camp

Preparation and follow through are key to a successful joint replacement. That’s why we offer Total Joint Camp to all patients. This two-hour class walks through the process, from start to full function. Loved ones are welcome to attend and absorb as much information as possible from nurses, home health and rehab therapy specialists.

Lake Regional Orthopedics

Our team includes seven orthopedic surgeons, right here at Lake Regional. That means you have direct access to top professionals. It also means you don’t have to wait months and months to see a specialist. Learn more about our full range of orthopedic services designed to keep you doing all of the things you enjoy.

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