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Classes for New Parents

Our classes for expectant mothers are offered in Osage Beach. The classes are free, but registration is required. See and register for upcoming events here.

  • Bright Beginnings. This class is for women at any stage of pregnancy and will help build knowledge in the areas of a healthy pregnancy and birth. Gain the confidence needed to make the best decisions for you and your baby. Receive tips for overcoming pregnancy discomfort, and learn how to recognize and respond to potential complications. Thinking ahead and addressing the emotional, physical and practical concerns of pregnancy and birth is important for every new mother-to-be and her partner. Explore various childbirth options, and learn how to plan a personalized birth experience.
  • Baby, Breastfeeding and Beyond. This class is for women in their third trimester. Learn all about caring for a newborn in this interactive class. Learn about breastfeeding; diapering; bathing; swaddling; car seat safety; comforting; and much more. Also learn what to expect after delivery and receive tools to help you thrive in the first few weeks of parenthood.