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Family Birth Center

Life changes fast, and you deserve to be present in every moment. With prenatal classes, expert pregnancy care and the area’s newest birth center, Lake Regional helps you focus on what matters most.

Your child's delivery is a special moment for your family, and we're honored to be a part of it. Every one of us at Lake Regional Family Birth Center strives to create a warm, friendly environment where you can give birth in comfort, supported by our experienced team.

Expect the Best

The new Lake Regional Family Birth Center provides a completely modern experience for expectant mothers, their newborns and their families. Mothers deliver in a beautiful private suite with soothing artwork, state-of-the-art safety features and comfortable furnishings for an overnight guest. Each of our private suites is equipped for labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum care — which means you will check into one room and be in that same room throughout your entire stay. And our Level II Nursery means we're ready to care for babies who might need extra support.

We are committed to giving you the best experience possible. Expect the following support while in our care.

New Family Birth Center room


This is a life-changing moment. There’s a lot to learn and do, but we’re here to help. We offer two interactive classes where participants learn how to make healthy choices during pregnancy, how to prepare for childbirth and the basics of breastfeeding and newborn care. Learn more about our classes.

Labor and Delivery

We love helping moms deliver babies, and we’ve done it for decades. Our nurses receive excellent patient satisfaction scores, including for controlling pain and for treating our patients with courtesy and respect. You will work with our staff before the big day to complete My Birth Plan. This personalized birth plan puts you in control of details ranging from room lighting to pain management. We want your birth experience to be all that you want it to be.

Recovery and Postpartum Care

Your birth experience will focus on family and the precious, intimate moments of welcoming a newborn. You and your baby will benefit from:

Skin-to-Skin Time

Within moments of delivery — including after most C-sections — babies can be placed belly down, directly on the mother’s chest, and covered with a warm blanket. Not only does this skin-to-skin time give moms and dads time to experience the wonder of their newborn but it also has important health benefits for the baby. Compared to babies who are swaddled or kept in a crib, skin-to-skin babies stay warmer and calmer, cry less, and have better blood sugar levels. Plus, skin-to-skin snuggling encourages nursing.

A “Golden Hour” After Delivery

The time immediately following delivery is precious. We encourage family and visitors to remain in the waiting room during this first hour after birth. We postpone all tests and procedures that aren’t immediately needed, and we turn down the lights. The atmosphere is quiet, private and peaceful — perfect for bonding.

Rooming In

Instead of sending your newborn to the hospital nursery, you are encouraged to keep your baby with you. When a mother and her baby are together around the clock, it helps with bonding and it helps mothers learn their babies’ hunger cues. As a result, rooming in helps with breastfeeding. It also helps you feel more prepared when it’s time to take your baby home because you have already practiced responding to your babies’ needs.

Breastfeeding Support

Your support starts before birth with a free Breast is Best class, led by our board-certified lactation consultant. This same lactation consultant is available to breastfeeding mothers while they are in the hospital. Plus, all of our nurses are trained to support breastfeeding.

Level II Nursery

This higher level of service designation allows our team to care for infants requiring antibiotics, IV fluids, respiratory support and much more.

Pampered Parents

We love to give you a little extra pampering throughout your time with us, so look forward to a complimentary celebration meal.

This precious time with your family means the world to us. We are honored to care for you.

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