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Family Birth Center

Your child's delivery is a special moment for your family, and we're honored to be a part of it. Every one of us at Lake Regional Family Birth Center strives to create a warm, friendly environment where you can give birth in comfort, supported by our experienced team.

We're Expecting, Too!

Have you heard the news? Lake Regional Family Birth Center is set to deliver even more personalized birth experiences this spring. That’s when we will welcome families to our brand new Women's and Children's Unit now under construction on the hospital’s third floor. Learn more.

Comfortable, Private Suites

Caring for the comfort of the mother-to-be is a point of pride for our Family Birth Center staff. Each of our 10 private suites are equipped for labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum care — so you will check into one room and be in that same room throughout your entire stay. These suites include a private bathroom and shower. We encourage "rooming in" during your stay. This means instead of going to our nursery, your baby can sleep in a crib next to your bed. This enhances bonding and helps your family get better acquainted before heading home.

Our Priority: Safe Delivery for Mom and Baby

Did you know that the rate of cesarean sections — even among low-risk births — varies dramatically from hospital to hospital?

Although cesarean delivery is the safest option in some births, experts agree it should not be used in most low-risk pregnancies because of the greater risks posed to the mother.

At Lake Regional Family Birth Center, our providers perform cesarean sections when medically necessary. Nationwide, the rate of cesarean sections in low-risk births was 26.3 percent in 2016. At Lake Regional, it was just 7.14 percent.

To learn more about how Lake Regional is able to provide more mothers a safe vaginal birth, ask your OB-GYN. Or feel free to bring this topic up during a tour of our birth center.

Level II Nursery

Lake Regional Family Birth Center provides Level II nursery services. This higher level of service designation allows the team to care for infants requiring antibiotics, IV fluids, respiratory support and much more. As a result, babies are only transferred to another facility if they require neonatal intensive care.

Prenatal Education

The same staff who provide care in our Family Birth Center also teach our prenatal education classes, available at the hospital and our Eldon clinic. This ensures you will be familiar with our staff when your special day arrives.

Learn more about prenatal classes at Lake Regional Hospital.

Learn more about prenatal classes at Lake Regional Clinic - Eldon.

Breast-feeding Support

Show-Me 5 LogoBreast-feeding provides important health benefits for infants and mothers, and we will help you get a good start. We are proud to be designated a "Show Me 5" Hospital by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services. This means we have adopted five evidence-based maternity care practices that support breast-feeding initiation and duration:

  • Help mothers initiate breast-feeding within the first hour of birth
  • Practice "rooming in," allowing infants to stay in the same room as their mothers
  • Limit breast-feeding infants to breast milk (and no other liquids), unless medically indicated
  • Do not give pacifiers or artificial nipples to breast-feeding infants
  • Foster the establishment of breast-feeding support groups and refer mothers to them on discharge

Our licensed lactation consultant, Annie Havner, R.N., BSN, IBCLC, is available to help you with breast-feeding during your stay and after you go home. For questions, call 573.302.2999.

Take Five: Amazing MOMS (Mother's Own Milk Support) is a breast-feeding support group for breast-feeding mothers and women who are pregnant and want to learn more about breast-feeding. For more information, call 573.302.2999.


To protect the health of our patients, no one should visit the Family Birth Center with signs of illness or infection, such as fever, vomiting and diarrhea, or symptoms of cold or flu, such as cough, runny nose or sneezing.

For patient and staff safety, visitors who have been given authorization to stay after visiting hours must register and obtain a visitor's badge at the OB desk.

Small children are allowed with close adult supervision. Visiting children must be in good health and have had no signs of illness within the last 48 hours.

The coach/significant other is welcome at all times, unless special circumstances make this unsafe for the mother or baby. Visitors also are allowed throughout the day and evening; visiting hours, from 10 a.m. to 8:30 p.m., are enforced only in special circumstances.

All visitors must adhere to strict handwashing practices.


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