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Diabetes Education

The more you know about diabetes, the more you can do to take care of yourself. If you were recently diagnosed with diabetes or even if you have had it for many years, Lake Regional's diabetes education program can help you.

Our caring, experienced staff provides education, motivation, support and hope for people living with diabetes. You will learn about your disease and your medications. You also will learn how to plan healthy meals, become more active, manage stress and cope with the daily tasks of living with diabetes.

Our diabetes education program is recognized by the American Diabetes Association. It includes six hours of group education plus one individual session. In the group sessions, participants learn from an instructor, plus they have the opportunity to share experiences and learn from each other. In the one-on-one session, the diabetes educator customizes a management plan to your individual needs and goals.

Benefits of diabetes education include improved quality of life, reduced medication costs and decreased risk for amputations. Diabetes education also has been shown to reduce emergency department visits and hospitalizations.

If you are interested in diabetes education, talk to your doctor. The program requires a doctor's referral.

Diabetes education is covered by Medicare and many health insurance plans. Patients should check with their insurance providers to determine their benefits, as well as their responsibility for any deductibles or co-payments.