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Cancer Center

Our Commitment Runs Deep

At Lake Regional Health System, we are proud to provide state-of-the-art capabilities to prevent, detect and treat various forms of cancer. It’s a commitment we make every day to the people trusting us for care.

No two cancers are the same

That's why we offer deep expertise in multiple forms of cancer and hematology diagnosis. It's also why our determined, compassionate care team gets to know each patient.

Breast cancer

The best treatment is prevention. But we are also prepared to provide care and consultation before, during and after treatment. Learn more about 3D mammograms and take a risk assessment at the links below.

3D Mammograms

Lung cancer

Early detection is key. That's why we provide CT scans for those at risk of developing lung cancer. See if you are a candidate for screening, and learn more about our treatment options.

Prostate cancer

Our urologists work closely with patients to determine risk and assess options. From close monitoring to radiation or surgery, our team, including our da Vinci X robotic surgery system, is prepared to meet the need.

Colorectal cancer

According to the American Cancer Society, this is the third most commonly diagnosed and third-leading cause of death by cancer. The good news is: colorectal cancer is also one of the most curable. Learn more about risk factors and free testing kits from Lake Regional.


Cancers of the lymphatic system appear in over 70 forms, each requiring a different approach. Our oncologists can conduct a variety of tests to determine a diagnosis, and the best treatment, including chemotherapy, radiation, and stem cell transplants.

State-of-the-art treatments

We've invested in the best technology, and people, to make advanced cancer care accessible to our community.

Traditional and robotic surgeries

Surgical oncology is the oldest form of cancer care treatment and remains an effective tool against many forms of cancer. Depending on the diagnosis, our surgeons are equipped with both traditional and robot-assisted methods to remove cancerous tumors — or take tissue samples for biopsies and cancer staging.


Lake Regional's cancer center contains ten private infusions bays, each equipped with a television and wireless internet, so you can rest, watch your favorite shows or catch up online during treatments. All the while, our nurses will be monitoring your progress and offering support.


Targeted, high-energy X-rays can destroy cancer cells and shrink tumors. Using a linear accelerator, our team of radiation oncologists can plan, simulate, and deliver radiation therapy that's customized for you and your treatment plan.

Radiation therapy with less radiation

Quicker treatments, better results

Long, uncomfortable cancer treatments can add stress to an already difficult situation. With our linear accelerator, therapy is conducted faster and can yield better results than older methods.

Our team is your team

All cancer care at Lake Regional is a partnership between the patient and our team of specialists. We'll help you understand your options, then create a treatment plan that’s best for your health, goals and diagnosis.

Mark Bryer, M.D.
Radiation Oncology

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Reed Cope, M.D.
Radiation Oncology

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Katrina Lock, FNP-BC, WCC
Oncology, Hematology

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Andrew Leiker, M.D.
Radiation Oncology

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Carla Ostronic, MPAS, PA-C
Oncology, Oncology and Hematology

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Shahid Waheed, M.D., FACP
Oncology and Hematology

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Cancer fighter stories

Every cancer diagnosis requires a distinct approach. But these patients share at least one thing in common — they sought care from Lake Regional and found success in our treatments.

Nancy McElyea: Early detection

Thanks to early detection, Nancy McElyea avoided radiation and chemotherapy while treating her breast cancer. But even though she needed fewer visits than many of our patients, Lake Regional's Cancer team still made a major impact.

Mary Ann Hodgson: Care close to home

When breast cancer was discovered during Mary Ann Hodgson's annual checkup at her Lake Regional clinic, it came as a shock. She was frightened, but not ready to give up. She was ready to go wherever the best treatments were available. Her own research and primary care doctor led Hodgson back to the Lake Regional Cancer Center.

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Hodgson soon met with a Lake Regional Oncologist to form a game plan. According to her oncologist, her triple-negative cancer was an aggressive and difficult-to-treat form, but thanks to early detection, hadn’t yet spread outside the breast. She began her treatment with a mastectomy, performed by Lake Regional General Surgeon John Patton, D.O., FACOS. She then began five months of chemotherapy.

The side effects were trying, and her oncologist adjusted Hodgson's treatment to help her better tolerate the chemo. "No way I could've gone somewhere else and gotten the care I got here," Hodgson says. "When I felt like, 'Oh, I can't get through this,' they were positive."

Now cancer-free, Hodgson is back to all the things she loves. As a survivor, she continues volunteering at the Cancer Center, helping patients through the healing process.

Skip Thomas: Robotic-assisted surgery

When Ira "Skip" Thomas received a prostate cancer diagnosis in 2018, he thought he'd have to go to Columbia to get the recommended care. Then, the 73-year-old from Camdenton learned about the da Vinci X — Lake Regional's minimally invasive robotic surgery system. Compared to traditional prostate cancer surgery, the da Vinci X has fewer complications, a shorter hospital stay, and quicker recovery.

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Lake Regional Urologist Eric McQueary, D.O. performed the surgery using the da Vinci X, during which time he remained in the same room as his patient. The surgery went well, and Thomas returned home after one night in the hospital needing only a single pain pill.

During a follow up appointment two weeks later, Thomas felt great and was thankful he received the care he needed, close to home, at Lake Regional.

"[Dr. McQueary] is very straightforward, very honest." Thomas said. "I would recommend [this procedure] to anybody."

Cancer support

At every step, in every way, our team is with you during the cancer journey. In partnership with specialists, volunteers, other survivors, we've developed programs to help patients past and present.

Cancer navigator

A cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. Our Palliative Care nurse and social worker advocate on your behalf, help research your options, and connect you with a support network, as well as mental health and community resources.

To connect with the navigator, call 573.302.2772.

Resource center

Through our partnership with the American Cancer Society and the generosity of community donors, we offer a variety of items to make the cancer journey more comfortable, including breast prostheses, hats, wigs, nutritional supplements and travel assistance. All are available inside the Cancer Center, before or after appointments.

Nutrition services

Good nutrition plays an important role in cancer care and recovery, but some cancer treatments can depress appetites or leave patients too tired to cook. Our registered dietitians can help patients choose recovery-promoting foods.

HOPE program

Helping Others Prosper and Endure

This donation-funded initiative provides needs-based assistance to local cancer patients, including free mammograms, free nutritional supplements, fuel-purchase assistance, drug co-pay assistance, transportation assistance, free haircuts for women experiencing hair loss.

Along with supporting our patients, donations made to HOPE also further Lake Regional's community cancer screening initiatives, medical equipment purchases and support group activities.

The support provided through HOPE is often the deciding factor in whether some patients proceed with treatment, and our community plays a big role in keeping this program going.

To give to HOPE, please contact Trish Creach, Executive Director of Philanthropy, at 573.348.8376 or

Miracles require workers

Your tax-deductible donation is an investment in our community's wellness. With your help, we can continue providing nationally accredited care, right here at home.