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Hearing loss is a serious condition. Untreated, it is associated with many complications, including depression, anxiety, social isolation, fatigue—even dementia. Many people suffer with hearing loss for several years before seeking treatment. But, it is important to act early, when hearing loss is first noticed, to minimize its effects.


  • Assistive listening devices
  • Diagnostic hearing evaluations
  • Acoustic immittance
  • Cerumen management
  • Aural rehabilitation
  • Hearing aid counseling and fittings
  • Hearing aid dispensing and troubleshooting
  • Hearing aid service and repair
  • Accessories and supplies
  • Custom hearing protection, including solid earplugs, swim plugs, high-frequency noise filters, sleep plugs and more
  • Bone-anchored implants
  • Pediatric audiology
  • Bone conduction Bluetooth headphones
  • Amplified stethoscopes
  • Infrared amplified TV listening devices
  • Amplified telephones

What You Should Know Before Buying Hearing Aids Online

Patients often ask about the pros and cons of purchasing hearing devices online. Usually, people are interested in these options because they are marketed as low-cost. Unfortunately, the lower price can come with its own costs — including inferior devices and inadequate support.

Such was the experience of Lake Ozark resident who purchased hearing aids for his wife over the phone after receiving an unsolicited call. He checked the company online, saw it had a three-out-of-five-star rating and ordered the aids with a 45-day trial. Following is his description of his and his wife's experience.

“The units arrived on time, and I got a call from my account manager approximately 48 hours after having received them. I had some questions, which he answered. Approximately one week went by and my wife complained that she still had a problem with the right ear — couldn’t get the receiver properly placed in the ear canal — and both hearing aids gave her a problem with sound and fit.

“I left several messages for the account manager to try and address our concern but he never called us back. I then called the customer service line to address our concerns and was told to send them back for ‘fine-tuning.’ What in the world is fine-tuning? We could only ship these back for fine-tuning three times, and then we would have to pay freight. But how can they fine-tune without the patient?

“After three frustrating weeks, I called the customer service center again and requested a return goods authorization form to return the aids with no charges to me.

“Finally, we sought out Lake Regional ENT & Audiology, to get the real diagnosis and what my wife really needed to take care of her hearing problem. Much to our satisfaction, the new devices work perfectly for her condition. We also received biweekly follow-ups to fine-tune and address any concerns, hands-on training for usage and maintenance, and no charge for future follow-ups with a three-year warranty on the devices.

“In conclusion, don’t attempt to save money when you purchase these types of devices, be it on the phone or online. Go to a professional, and get the proper treatment, guidance and the right product to take care of your individual situation. You’ll pay more, but it’s worth it in the end.”

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