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Virtual Visits

Lake Regional providers are just a click away with virtual visits.

While in-person visits at Lake Regional clinics are available and safe, virtual visits provide another way to have face-to-face conversations with our health care providers.

Patients can use their computer, cellphone or other mobile device to have virtual visits with providers from all seven Lake Regional primary care clinics. Lake Regional uses secure, HIPAA-compliant technology to conduct virtual visits.

Need help connecting to Zoom? See instructions here.

How It Works

  • When you request a virtual visit online, a Lake Regional team member will call to schedule the appointment.
  • The clinic will then send you an email with a link to an application called Zoom. Lake Regional uses a secure, HIPAA-compliant version of Zoom, so your personal health information remains private.
  • About five minutes before the date and time of your appointment, click the link to get started.
  • Just like an in-person visit, your visit will start with a face-to-face meeting with a nurse, and then you will be face-to-face with the provider.

Tips to Prepare

For the best experience, think of your virtual visit just like a visit in an exam room with your provider.

Your provider will ask you about your symptoms. They might have you take your temperature and talk you through taking your pulse.

Follow these tips to help your visit go more smoothly.

  • Make a list of the health issues you want to address.
  • Keep your visit free of distractions by finding a quiet place with good cell reception or internet connection.
  • Hold the camera at eye level.
  • Make sure your volume is turned on.
  • Try out your microphone before the visit.
  • Close other programs you won’t need during the visit.
  • Try a video chat with a friend or family member so you can resolve equipment or connectivity challenges in advance.
  • Have your provider’s phone number with you in case your connection goes down.

What Patients are Saying

In recent surveys, many patients were pleased with their virtual visit experience. Read their comments below. 

"I was very pleased to be able to visit with Zoom. I felt very comfortable with the idea of not having to leave my home."

"This was a Zoom session where it was all done over the Internet between [my doctor] and me, and it was exceptionally good for my first one, and I would definitely use it again and recommend it."

"This was my first virtual appointment. I was very impressed by it."

"I'm very happy with my doctor and the method of my appointment. Please keep the virtual appointments available!"

"I had a virtual visit with my provider. It went really well."

Request a Virtual Visit

You may request a virtual visit by calling your Lake Regional Clinic or using our online form. Choose “virtual appointment” under preferred location for this option. You will receive a reply shortly.

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