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Viewing a Family Member's Information

What is proxy access?

Proxy access allows a parent, guardian or other designated individual (like a spouse, family member or friend) to use a patient portal to connect to information regarding a family member or friend. If you are a parent who wants to use one or both of our patient portals to view your child’s health information, you will need proxy access.

How do I grant someone else proxy access to my patient portals?

If you would like to grant a family member or caregiver access to your records, they can be set up as a proxy user on your account. NOTE: Lake Regional currently has two patient portals: a clinic portal and a hospital portal. You must grant proxy access to each portal separately.

The patient or legal representative must complete the correct portal proxy form(s) and return them to Health Information Management in the hospital or to any Lake Regional clinic, while providing proof of identity. The completed proxy form can be returned in person, by fax to 573.348.8396 or by email to All proxy authorizations are handled by the Health Information Management Department at 573.348.8245.

Once you grant proxy access to a portal, all of your information in that portal is available to the proxy user.

Do I need to be a patient at Lake Regional to have access to a family member’s patient portal?

No, but you do need a separate email address that is not already on file at Lake Regional. Once the family member has given permission to add you as a proxy user by submitting a portal proxy form, the patient portal coordinator will create your portal access account. You will receive an email with a link to create your personal logon credentials.

How do I revoke proxy access to my Patient Portal?

Fill out and return the correct portal proxy form to Health Information Management at Lake Regional Health System in person, by fax at 573.348.8396 or by email to

What if my spouse and I want to sign up, but we have only one email address?

If you have one email address that is shared, both spouses would share a portal account with one user ID and password. Each spouse would have full access to each other’s medical information on the patient portal. A shared portal account must be set up by our patient portal coordinator and the correct portal proxy form must be filled out and submitted to our Health Information Management Department before the shared account can be set up. Both individuals must complete a separate proxy form and provide a valid form of identification. For assistance, call 573.348.8245 or email

How do I access my child’s patient portal?

Children age 13 and older can set up their own patient portal account as long as they have a valid email address not in use by another patient. Lake Regional follows age-specific state rights specific to reproductive health, mental health and substance abuse treatment.

For children 0-12 years of age, parents can enroll their child with a separate email address and set up an individual portal account. Or, the parent can add the child to the parent’s portal account until the child reaches the age 13. At age 13, the child‘s medical information will automatically be dropped from the parent’s portal account until a signed portal proxy form is completed and submitted to Health Information Management.