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Heath Information Exchange

What is a Health Information Exchange?

A health information exchange (HIE) assists with the electronic transfer and sharing of health related information between physicians, hospitals and other health care providers at the time it is needed to help them make clinical decisions. This sharing is particularly helpful in emergencies, when patients often cannot provide important health information, such as important diagnoses, current prescriptions and allergies.

Lake Regional Health System participates in an electronic HIE provided through the Tiger Institute Health Alliance. The HIE facilitates the transmission of your protected health information (PHI) among providers, health plans or other organizational members of the HIE that are involved in the treatment or payment of your care. The HIE stores your data in a secured repository for members. The health care professionals who access your PHI have established a treatment relationship with you. In order for health care providers to provide the most comprehensive care for patients, the Tiger Institute Health Alliance HIE will join other HIEs and Health Networks that may store and contain your PHI> The HIE includes all health information obtained during your care at Lake Regional Health System. Patient health information such as illnesses or injuries that you may have, your medical history (including hospitalizations), test results (like X-rays or blood tests), immunizations and medication you are or have taken. Also included are diagnosis (diabetes, HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases), genetic testing, mental and behavioral health treatment records, and drug and alcohol treatment notes.

The HIE may also provide critical information about you for other lawful purposes, such as educating providers who manages the care of others like you. When your specific consent or authorization is required by law to disclose your medical record to others, Lake Regional Health System will not disclose that information through the HIE without first obtaining your written consent.

Can I opt out of Health Information Exchange (HIE)?


As our patient, your health information is automatically available in the HIE. Under Federal law, you have the right to opt out of participating in the Health Information Exchange. If you do not wish to have your information shared in the HIE, you must opt-out of the HIE in writing by requesting, completing and signing this opt-out form, also available at any registration area.

If you opt out and later wish to participate, use this form to rejoin.

How is my information protected?

When your health information is shared, whether on paper, verbally and/or electronically, every provider involved must follow Federal and state laws to protect the privacy and security of your health information.

Whom do I call if I have questions?

If you have any questions about any of the Health Information Exchange services offered by Lake Regional please contact:
Health Information Management
Lake Regional Health System
54 Hospital Drive