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Hospital Price Information

Understanding the costs for health care services can be complex and stressful. At Lake Regional Health System, it is our intent to make pricing information easily accessible to you to help you be more informed about the potential cost for the care you may need.

Over the coming months, we will be expanding the information on this page to make it more useful to you and to comply with the Affordable Care Act Price Transparency requirements.

Price Estimates for Consumer Shoppable Services

We offer personalized price estimates for hundreds of our most common services. This gives you an opportunity to get an estimate of your potential out-of-pocket costs before you have a health care service. The estimates are available either through the self-service portal at the link below or through our hospital pre-registration team.

Please note: Professional fees such as physician, radiologist, anesthesiologist and pathologist fees are not included; the estimate is for the hospital portion only.

For self-service, you may start the estimate here, which includes access to a set of Frequently Asked Questions.

If you are already scheduled for a service, our hospital pre-registration team will contact you within a few days prior to your visit to complete a pre-registration; this allows us to expedite your check-in on the day of service. An estimate will be provided to you at that time.


The information on this site is provided as required by The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ Price Transparency Final Rule and is not a guarantee of final billed charges, which may vary from these estimates for many reasons including the individual patient’s unique medical condition, complications, unknown circumstances, other diagnoses and recommended treatments. Moreover, these estimates may not include professional fees such as physician, radiologist, anesthesiologist and pathological fees. The insurance benefit information, where applicable, is based on information provided by insurers, which may not be current on the date of a scheduled procedure, and benefits and eligibility are subject to change and are not a guarantee of payment.