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Medicare Part D Enrollment Q & A

Monday, October 12, 2020

It’s time to get ready for Medicare Open Enrollment.

“Anyone who has Medicare Part A or Part B is eligible for assistance with prescriptions under Medicare,” said Tony Kauten, PharmD, Lake Regional Pharmacy manager. “Eligible individuals can add, drop or change prescription drug coverage through Medicare Part D during Medicare Open Enrollment.”

Here are answers to common questions about Medicare Open Enrollment.

When is Open Enrollment?

You can enroll in Medicare health and drug plans from Thursday, Oct. 15, through Monday, Dec. 7. Plans become effective Jan. 1, 2021.

How will I receive information?

If you are currently in a Medicare plan, you will receive an Annual Notice of Changes (ANOC) in the mail. Review to note any 2021 changes to your health coverage. You should also review your 2021 “Medicare & You” handbook, which may be mailed to you, for information about Medicare coverage and Medicare plans in your area. Use these resources to determine if your current Medicare coverage meets all your needs for next year or if you need to make changes to your health plan (Part A or Part B), drug plan (Part D) or both.

Will Medicare call me personally?

Medicare will never call you to sell anything and cannot enroll you over the phone unless you called first. Also, plan representatives are not allowed to come to your home without an invitation from you.

How can I compare plans?

Medicare Plan Finder is an online tool that makes it easy to compare coverage options and shop for health plans. Log in or create an account (if you have a Medicare number) at You can create or access a list of your drugs, compare your current Medicare plan to other plans, and see prices based on any help you get with drug costs.

What if I like my current plan best?

If you prefer your current coverage, and it is still available for 2021, then no action is required. For those currently on Medicare Part D plans who choose to make no changes or who miss the Dec. 7 deadline, the benefits selected for 2020 automatically will be selected for 2021.

I’m still not sure. How can I find help locally?

CLAIM is Missouri’s official State Health Insurance Assistance Program. CLAIM helps Missourians with applications for and enrollment into health insurance, including Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage. CLAIM services are confidential, free and unbiased. For more information, call CLAIM at 1-800-390-3330 or visit