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Lake Regional Wound Healing Center Now Offers Advanced Vein Treatment

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Lake Regional Wound Healing Center now offers vein care services to help patients with vascular disease or leg wounds.

Vascular disease, which includes peripheral artery disease (PAD), affects millions of Americans. Normally, when someone gets a cut or scrape, the wound quickly heals. But in someone with vascular disease, poor circulation often leads to a small sore developing into a chronic wound. This can result in serious issues, including amputation or even death in some cases.

“The vein care program at Lake Regional offers advanced, minimally invasive laser or radio frequency treatment in the outpatient setting,” said Scott Brick, D.O., general surgeon. “Better treatment gives many patients with venous leg ulcers the ability to heal faster and may even prevent future ulcers. By adding vein services to the advanced wound care treatment options already available, the Wound Healing Center will be able to heal more people living with conditions that lead to chronic wounds.”

Vein care at the Wound Healing Center includes three main services:

  • Venous reflux screenings are provided when venous valves do not work properly, leading to the reversal of blood flow through the valves while sitting or standing. It often occurs when vein valves weaken from multiple pregnancies or genetic factors.
  • Endovenous laser treatment uses heat to seal off any diseased veins so blood can get rerouted to healthy veins.
  • A duplex ultrasound is a non-invasive evaluation of blood flow through arteries and veins, providing information to help the surgeon make a proper diagnosis.

“Before opening this service line, patients with venous ulcers would require multiple visits to different services,” Dr. Brick said. “By offering vein care right in the Wound Healing Center, patients are able to get their wounds treated and the diagnostic studies and vein procedures all in one convenient location.”

If you are experiencing venous leg ulcers or symptoms in your lower leg, including ache, pain, tightness, skin irritation, heaviness, muscle cramps or other complaints attributable to venous dysfunction, ask your primary care provider if vein care services could benefit you.

To learn more about Lake Regional Wound Healing Center, visit or call 573.302.2990 to schedule an evaluation.