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Lake Regional Now Offers Advanced, Nonsurgical Lung Cancer Diagnosis and Staging

Thursday, August 24, 2017
Lake Regional Pulmonologist Harjyot Lake Regional Pulmonologist Harjyot

Lake Regional Health System is pleased to announce it now offers endobronchial ultrasound, also known as EBUS, for lung cancer diagnosis and staging. Pulmonologist Harjyot "Joe" Sohal, M.D., FCCP, who joined Lake Regional full time in August, has years of experience performing the procedure.

"Endobronchial ultrasound is an important tool in lung cancer staging," Dr. Sohal said. "It allows us to see inside the lungs and take precise samples of lung tissue and lymph nodes without invasive surgery."

Generally, a patient will receive a referral for endobronchial ultrasound after an imaging test reveals a mass in the chest. Instead of using traditional surgery to biopsy the tissue, endobronchial ultrasound uses a special scope that is guided through the patient's mouth and trachea into the lungs. The scope has an ultrasound processor that provides real-time images to guide the procedure, as well as a fine-gauge aspiration needle for collecting tissue samples.

"We can send the scope into various areas of the lungs and collect multiple samples, enabling us to determine if a cancer has spread, and if so, how far," Dr. Sohal said. "We also can use endobronchial ultrasound to detect infections and other diseases that affect the lungs."

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