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Lake Regional Health System Celebrates Hospital Week, Names Beacon Winners

Tuesday, May 14, 2019
The 2019 Beacon winners: Dayna Ecker; Crystal Lloyd, R.N.; Chet Mackiewicz; Alex Miller; and Bob Whitter, R.N. The 2019 Beacon winners: Dayna Ecker; Crystal Lloyd, R.N.; Chet Mackiewicz; Alex Miller; and Bob Whitter, R.N.

National Hospital Week is May 12–18. To celebrate, Lake Regional Health System is pleased to announce the 2019 Beacon Award winners. The recipients — Dayna Ecker; Crystal Lloyd, R.N.; Chet Mackiewicz; Alex Miller; and Bob Whitter, R.N. — represent the Lake Regional values of service excellence, commitment to community, integrity, patient-centered care and clinical excellence. Beacon Award recipients are nominated anonymously by their peers and will be recognized at Lake Regional’s annual Service Recognition luncheon May 23.

Dayna Ecker, winner of the Beacon of Service Excellence, is the Blood Bank supervisor at Lake Regional Laboratory. She was commended for committing to provide excellent service to each person Lake Regional serves while building healthy relationships with fellow staff and Lake Regional guests. Ecker is from Richland.

“Dayna is a wonderful role model,” one peer wrote. “She routinely goes above and beyond to ensure our patients have their needs met in the safest and most efficient way possible. She is a willing and thorough problem solver. She always follows up to ensure she meets the needs of those she serves.”

Crystal Lloyd, R.N., winner of the Beacon of Commitment to Community, is the Lake Regional stroke coordinator and Forensic Assessment and Consultation Team program director. She was commended for exhibiting a strong sense of duty and accountability to the public. Lloyd is from Camdenton.

As stroke coordinator, Lloyd helps ensure that Lake Regional’s Level II Stroke Center provides patients the care they need to survive a stroke with minimal effects. She also leads the Stroke Support Group. In her role as the FACT program director, she ensures patients receive victim-centered care from a team approach. Outside of Lake Regional, Lloyd serves as the executive director of the local Sexual Assault Response Team and organizes the annual Lake Area Trap Shoot, which donates up to $10,000 to SART every year. Lately, she also has provided strangulation training to all local police, fire and EMS. These activities are in addition to her work as an Emergency Department nurse.

“From the moment that Crystal starts her day, she is thinking of others,” one peer wrote. “She consistently takes on projects and responsibilities that benefit Lake Regional Health System, the community and the patients of our organization.”

Chet Mackiewicz, winner of the Beacon of Integrity, is Lake Regional’s Security Officer Team leader. He was commended for being honest, truthful and ethical in relationships and business activities. Mackiewicz is from Warsaw.

“Chet has a huge responsibility in keeping the staff, visitors and patients at Lake Regional safe,” one peer wrote. “He always has a positive and professional attitude.”

“He remains calm and provides a perfect example of how to deal reasonably with unreasonable people,” another peer wrote. Still another wrote: “I feel secure at work because I know that the safety of those around him is his No. 1 priority. I am confident that he is aware of the weight of his responsibility, yet he handles it with poise and takes the challenges in stride.”

Alex Miller, winner of the Beacon of Patient-Centered Care, is a health unit coordinator at Lake Regional Emergency Department. He was commended for striving to meet and exceed patients’ requirements, ensuring their safety and always seeking what is best for Lake Regional’s patients. Miller is from Camdenton.

“He always makes his decisions with the patient at the center and never draws attention to himself,” one peer wrote. “He is humble and is a caregiver by nature.”

“Because of his abilities and strong work ethic, he has decided to go to school for nursing,” another peer wrote. “It has been a pleasure to watch him grow this past year, and we are excited to see what the future brings to him.”

Bob Whitter, R.N., winner of the Beacon of Clinical Excellence, is a registered nurse in the Cardiac Catheterization Lab. He was commended for providing health care that is evidence-based, resulting in quality outcomes. Whitter is from Camdenton.

“Bob reviews all the Cath Lab cases every morning before others arrive so he has as much knowledge and information as possible,” one peer wrote. “He gives 110 percent to the patients and Lake Regional.”

“In the Cath Lab, we commonly have very sick patients requiring a nurse who can quickly think on their feet in emergent situations,” another peer wrote. “Bob always steps in to help and shares his knowledge freely, even during difficult times.”

Still another peer noted Whitter’s care for patients, writing he takes time to “sit with patients and families and makes sure they have all their questions answered before they come over to the Cath Lab for the procedure.”

Lake Regional Health System provides comprehensive health care services to residents and visitors throughout the mid-Missouri region. The hospital is a Level II Stroke Center, Level II STEMI (heart attack) Center and Level III Trauma Center. Lake Regional also provides a wide range of specialties, including cancer care, heart care, orthopedics and women’s health. Plus, Lake Regional operates primary care clinics, Express Care clinics, rehab therapy clinics, programs for home health and hospice, and retail pharmacies.