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Lake Regional Imaging Center Adds 3-D Mammography

Monday, September 10, 2018

Lake Regional Imaging Center now offers 3-D mammograms for improved breast cancer screening.

“Lake Regional is deeply committed to providing women the best breast cancer care possible, and our new 3-D mammography system means women will receive the most effective test for early detection,” said Lake Regional Radiologist Michael Vierra, M.D.

Patients receive three main benefits from 3-D mammography, Dr. Vierra said. First, it provides a clearer image from several angles, so it shows smaller cancers at an earlier stage.

“The sooner we find breast cancer, the easier it is to treat,” Dr. Vierra said. “Women may be able to avoid chemotherapy if the cancer is caught early enough, and their chances are better for a full recovery.”

Second, 3-D mammography reduces the chance that the test will indicate cancer when no cancer is present, known as a false positive result.

“False positives cause women and their families unnecessary anxiety and often lead to more invasive testing,” Dr. Vierra said. “The more detailed imaging of 3-D mammograms makes false positives less likely.”

Third, 3-D mammography reduces the chances that women will need additional imaging because results were not clear.

“We want to avoid calling women back for a second look,” Dr. Vierra said. “That also causes women anxiety, and it’s inconvenient. With 3-D mammography, we’re more likely to get accurate, clear results the first time.”

The new 3-D mammography system at Lake Regional Imaging Center, MAMMOMAT Revelation, has another important benefit: It improves patient comfort by automatically adjusting breast compression.

“When the paddle reaches the breast, it slows,” Dr. Vierra said. “This gives staff time for proper positioning. As soon as the optimal compression for the best image quality is reached, the paddle stops. That means women feel only as much pressure as is necessary to get a good image.”

The American Cancer Society recommends that women age 45 to 54 get mammograms every year. Women 55 and older may choose to switch to every two years. To schedule your mammogram, call 573.348.6161.

Women can learn more about 3-D mammograms at Lake Regional's Women’s Health Fair, scheduled 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 29, at Lake Regional Imaging Center, 1075 Nichols Road, Osage Beach. The event will include several free health screenings, information on a variety of women’s health topics, flu shots from Lake Regional Pharmacy, complimentary brunch and door prizes. Plus, women will receive coupons for a discounted future mammogram. They also will be able to visit with Margaret “Maggi” Coplin, M.D., a new Lake Regional Cancer Center doctor. For more information on the event, visit