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Letter to Our Community (5/11)

Traditionally, National Hospital Week is a time when we, as a nation, pause to recognize the contributions of hospitals and health care workers. This year, I would like to take an opportunity to shift the spotlight and focus on the community we are so honored to serve.

You inspire us. You trust us. You show your appreciation and, through this pandemic, you have supported us. Morally, financially and beyond, we as caregivers have felt your compassion and care. From N95 masks to pizza for our staff to sidewalk chalk and prayers in our parking lot, our entire team feels you pulling for us when it matters most.

For that, we are eternally grateful.

As our area businesses re-open and we begin to bring more hospital services back online to meet the needs of this community, we encourage you to continue exercising good judgment in practicing social distancing. This critical time may prove to be the most important in determining the trajectory of our region. The collective effort and focus of each and every business owner or leader will be required to ensure the Lake of the Ozarks does not become a COVID hotspot.

If we remain vigilant during the next few months, our community and its businesses will triumph in the long run.

So far, we have been well prepared to answer the needs of those suffering from COVID-19. Three weeks ago, I shared the story of our first COVID-positive inpatient and his recovery. Since March 22, we have successfully treated 12 COVID-positive inpatients; all of them are recovering and have been discharged.

Today, I am proud to announce that on May 5 we released a patient who recovered from the virus after 39 days in our Intensive Care Unit. Thirty-nine days is a long time to be quarantined in your home. It’s much longer when you are confined to hospital bed, on a ventilator and unable to see your loved ones in person.

This patient showed great strength in overcoming the virus and is on his way to a full recovery. While we plan to share more information about his journey, I want to relay how proud I am of our fully coordinated staff of doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists and the entire team that came together to create this successful outcome.

It truly takes all of our efforts, and we are proud to say we’ve been able to maintain a full and ready team throughout this pandemic.

This has been a difficult road to travel, but we find strength in knowing that we are prepared to meet the challenge. That doesn’t happen without substantial community support.

See our complete list of donors at We’ve also posted a thank you message from our staff at

So, thank you again. Happy Hospital Week from us to you.

Our Commitment Runs Deep,

Dane Henry, FACHE
Chief Executive Officer
Lake Regional Health System