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New survey outlines what people know and don't know about cholesterol

Do you really know how to manage your cholesterol? If you're like a lot of folks, the answer is "kind of." More breaking news

Protect your heart today, help your brain tomorrow

Adopting these five simple habits now could buy insurance against Alzheimer's disease later. More breaking news

Is the fountain of youth on your pillow?

Older adults often struggle with sleep. But making the most of your sleep can help your health now and in the future. More breaking news

Health tip

Exercise and arthritis can (and do) go together

Is arthritis keeping you away from exercise? See this graphic filled with exercise options that are easy on your joints.

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Featured health tools

Alcohol assessment

Do you have a drinking problem?

Check your symptoms

Treating sports injuries

The R.I.C.E method is a good first treatment for mild sprains or strains.

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Foot health problems

Learn how to spot, prevent and treat common foot health problems.

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