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Aging arteries can be healthy arteries

Blood vessels tend to stiffen with age, but they don't have to. A new study says lifestyle makes all the difference. More breaking news

Death rates drop dramatically for hospitalized COPD patients

About the same number of people are being hospitalized for COPD as in the past, but far fewer of them are dying in hospitals. More breaking news

Kids and cotton swabs don't mix

Using cotton swabs to clean out earwax is unsafe—as well as unnecessary. More breaking news

Health tip

Make summer easier on your lungs with 5 key steps

Breathe easier this summer and learn how to protect yourself from polluted air that could hurt your lungs and overall health.

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Cookout safety

Don't let food poisoning cramp your summer fun.

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Men's hair loss quiz

How much do you know about men's hair loss? Take this quiz to test your knowledge.

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Sun safety

Learn how to protect yourself from the sun's rays.

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