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Second Annual Culture of One Week

Note: To watch this video, use a personal device that is not connected to Lake Regional Wi-Fi. Or check it out on the FISH.

Let's Celebrate!

From Tuesday, Sept. 21, through Monday, Sept. 27, we are celebrating our Culture of One and the shared values that make us strong: Commit to Each Other. Encourage Excellence. Care More than Expected.

During this week, every department will team up with at least one other department to earn points. Every team will aim to earn 500 points during the week. See team lists here.

How do I earn points for my team?

  • Page of Fame. Recognize up to two people on your C1 Week Team every day to earn points! We encourage you to look for people not in your home department to build connections across Lake Regional. Note: If you recognize more than two teammates in one day, only two of the posts will earn points.
  • Facebook. Comment on and share the daily #cultureofone Facebook post, Tuesday, Sept. 21, through Friday, Sept. 24, to build pride in Lake Regional. Be sure to have the C1 Week profile frame, posting Monday, Sept. 20.
  • Bingo. Complete a bingo on the C1 Week Bingo Card, and text a photo of your card to 573.280.3667. No need for a blackout - a regular bingo will do. Encourage your teammates to take care of themselves and complete a bingo, too!

Team Shirt Days

It's not a C1 celebration without team shirts! Please wear your blue "Our Commitment Runs Deep" T-shirt on Tuesday, Sept. 21, and Sunday, Sept. 26.


Senior leaders will barbecue at the hospital on Thursday, Sept. 23, for day and night shift! And clinics, they'll visit you soon!

2021 True Blue Honorees

Congratulations to Dr. Sohal, Rachel Bailey and Ron Lopez, our 2021 True Blue honorees!