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Culture of One

Commit to Each Other.

We are a team. Our shared goal is to improve lives. We need each other to succeed, so we hold ourselves and each other accountable. We nurture a supportive environment, and we find strength in our togetherness. We are proud to represent Lake Regional Health System.

Encourage Excellence.

We are intentional in every interaction so that we provide an exceptional experience for every person, every time. We innovate and continuously improve as individuals and as a team. We keep a positive attitude. We promote safety and transparency. We communicate clearly with each other and our patients. We recognize and reward actions that give better experiences. We take pride in contributing our best work.

Care More than Expected.

Improving lives is at the center of all we do. We are here because we care about people, and we proudly make our days about serving others. Our work is fulfilling because people trust us to help them. We do more than expected because we care more than expected.

Note: Since filming his story, Dr. Depee has retired from education. He is still doing well and still wants others to know about the great care he received at Lake Regional Health System.

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Lake Regional Human Resources
54 Hospital Drive
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