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CRNA/NP/PA/Medical Student Clinical Rotation – Student Requirements

Lake Regional Health System is proud to be a teaching site for several programs in the area.

We are committed to providing a quality experience during your clinical rotations. At Lake Regional Health System we demonstrate Culture of One, we Commit to Each Other, Encourage Excellence and Care More than Expected. We take pride in the quality of care provided in our hospital and clinics. We appreciate your interest in requesting a rotation with one of our physicians or providers in our clinic and hospital locations.

For a full listing of services at Lake Regional, please go to:, select the tab “Services”.


Due to the large volume of clinical rotation inquiries that we receive and to serve you best, we request that you complete our online Clinical Rotation Application. This application is strictly designed for CRNA/ Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant and Medical students. This application is not for CNA, MA, LPN or RN students.

Step-by-Step guide

How do I get my clinical rotation scheduled?

Contact Terrah Reeves at

Paperwork to Complete

  1. To be considered for a Student Learning Experience/Clinical Rotation at Lake Regional Health System, your school must have an active affiliation agreement in place.
  2. Submit the formal Lake Regional Request for Student Rotation Form once you have a preceptor identified with all required items requested at the top of the form, along with cover letter and CV/resume to
    1. Background Check
    2. Letter of Good Standing
    3. Drug Screen
    4. Liability Insurance
    5. Current Immunizations/TB
    6. Clear valid picture ID (driver’s license or passport)
    7. Digital head shot photo – taken within the past 6 months
    8. Parking Permit Form
    9. Annual Lake Regional Health HIPAA Privacy Training and Quiz
  1. Affiliation agreement with your school will be sought or verified.
  2. Requests will be sent to the preceptor and Chief of Staff for final review and signature.

**Check with your school and see what documents they provide.

Application process for Student Learning Experience/Clinical Rotation for employees

Employees will submit the following for their Clinical Rotations:

  1. Submit the formal Lake Regional Request for Student Rotation Form once you have a preceptor identified, along with cover letter and CV/resume to
  2. Liability Insurance

Final Steps

  1. You will receive an On-line book Orientation, that will need to be completed prior to your arrival.
  2. You will receive an e-mail one week prior to your rotation that will include your login/password for computer access.
  3. Upon arrival, you will receive a badge and parking permit. If you are not participating in any additional student experiences at Lake Regional, please leave your badge with your Lake Regional supervisor/preceptor on your last day of your Student Learning Experience. You may also return your badge to Security at the Emergency Department entrance of the hospital.

What to bring and dress attire

  1. Please remember to bring your preferred PPE.
  2. Please feel free to wear business casual or scrubs.

Important Points

  1. Submissions of applications do not guarantee placement for a clinical rotation.
  2. Lake Regional Health System and its affiliated clinics are drug-free and tobacco-free sites.