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MA Program Testimonial

Sherry McIntyre, CCMA Sherry McIntyre, CCMA

My name is Sherry McIntyre, and I earned my Certified Medical Assistant Certificate through Lake Regional’s program. I have worked in health care since I was 18 and have held multiple jobs in hospital settings. The doctors and nurses in my life inspired me to pursue a medical profession.

Before moving to the Lake of the Ozarks area, I started taking nursing classes. I decided to participate in Lake Regional’s MA Program because I wanted to learn more and move into a position to use my skills and knowledge. The MA Program was helpful because it taught me daily operations and the steps involved in helping patients. The program covered the administrative and clinical duties that a medical assistant performs, such as scheduling, medication refills and more.

A memorable experience that I had in the MA program was being able to go to the clinics and learn about new areas of health care. Each nurse took the time to assist me in growing my skills and knowledge. Going through the MA Program during the pandemic really made me stop and appreciate each team member in the health care profession and their dedication to their jobs.