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Traveling? Check Medications Before You Go

Clothes packed? Check. Vehicle inspected? Check. Medications all set? Double check.

Before heading out on vacation, make sure you think through all of your medication needs. What medications — over-the-counter and prescription — will you need? Check that you have enough to last the trip.

Also, review the instructions for taking medications. Look for warnings about interactions your medicines might have with certain foods or drinks and any other side effects. For instance, some medications can make you more sensitive to sunlight. Talk to your health care provider about concerns or questions you have about your medications before you go. Don’t skip doses, don’t share medication, and don’t take more than the suggested dose.

Keep your medicine with you when traveling. If you’re flying, you don’t want to land in Cancun and have your prescriptions land in Cleveland. And keep a detailed list of what you’re taking, and note the phone number of your health care provider. If you need to seek medical care while you’re away, this information will be helpful.

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