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Dangerous Noise

Are you at risk for noise-induced hearing loss?

“This harm can happen throughout time, or it can occur from one severe episode,” said Jonathan Wilson, Au.D., CCC-A, F-AAA, a licensed and certified audiologist at Lake Regional ENT & Audiology. “Once it occurs, this hearing loss is irreversible, so it’s critical to take steps to prevent it.”

Far from simply being an annoyance, hearing loss can affect almost all aspects of life, including physical health; mental health; employment status and success; social functioning and satisfaction; and much more.

A certified audiologist can treat hearing loss through various technologies and techniques.

“Early treatment is important for better results,” Dr. Wilson said. “If you suspect hearing loss, make an appointment with a certified audiologist today.”

Are you aware of how loud everyday noises can be?

Hearing loss infographic from ASHA

(Click above link for larger infographic.)