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A Whole New Level of Care

Lake Regional Clinic - Eldon has added a second floor with even more specialty services for patients of all ages, including a full-time women's health provider.

Services Available, Right Here in Eldon

Primary Care

For complete health care for the whole family, look no further than Lake Regional Clinic – Eldon. Our family medicine practitioners provide compassionate care for patients of all ages, and our pediatricians are here for children from birth through adolescence. Services for all members of the family include well visits and treatment of acute illnesses and chronic conditions. Learn more about primary care.

Express Care

Our walk-in clinic is a great option for minor illnesses and non-life-threatening conditions, especially on weekends or after hours. Learn more about Express Care.

Specialty Services

For all specialists in Eldon, call 573.557.2553.

Audiology: Our doctor uses the latest in medical treatment and technology to help patients of all ages improve their quality of life.

Cardiology: Cardiologists, backed by the support of our cardiovascular-thoracic surgeon, provide a comprehensive approach to heart care. Pediatric cardiology services are also available.

General surgery: Our general surgeons offer the latest techniques, including single-incision surgery and minimally invasive laparoscopic procedures, for a broad range of diseases and conditions.

Sleep medicine: Our sleep specialists provide the latest tests and evaluations, individual treatment plans and follow-up care to improve your health through better sleep.

Women's health: Our OB-GYNs provide comprehensive care for women and adolescents. Services range from routine gynecological care to expert pregnancy support, including ultrasound services on-site.

Rehabilitation Therapies

Aquatics: Our therapists lead low-impact and high-impact aquatic exercise classes. 573.392.3000

Cardiopulmonary rehab: Our team of professionals includes registered nurses, a registered dietitian and an exercise physiologist. Our goal is to get you back on your feet and living a heart-healthy lifestyle. 573.392.9400

Occupational therapy: "Occupations" are daily activities, which range from getting dressed to completing work tasks. Our occupational therapists help people of all ages gain or regain these skills. 573.392.3000

Physical therapy: Our skilled physical therapists help patients of all ages overcome challenges to return to normal function, whether at home, the workplace, school or in athletic competition. 573.392.3000

Speech therapy: Our speech language pathologists evaluate and treat speech, language, cognitive, voice and swallowing disorders in patients of all ages. 573.302.2236

Diagnostic Imaging

  • Digital X-ray
  • Echocardiogram
  • Ultrasound



  • Convenient drive-thru window
  • Free delivery
  • Online refills
  • Competitor price match
  • Extensive list of $4 generic prescriptions

Watch Our Progress

Thanks to all who helped bring the Lake Regional Clinic - Eldon expansion project to a successful completion. Follow our journey from level ground to the unveiling of a whole new level of care in Eldon.

Eldon business leader and Lake Regional board member, John Caine, discusses the need for expanded health care services in Eldon and the surrounding communities.

Kevin McRoberts, senior vice president, Lake Regional Operations, shares the vision for Eldon.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the Eldon expansion.

Meet Your Eldon Providers

Use our online Provider Directory to see bios for all of our physicians and nurse practitioners in Eldon.

Contact Us

Lake Regional Clinic - Eldon
416 S. Maple St.
Eldon, MO 65026
Primary Care: 573.392.5654
Specialty Care: 573.557.2553

Lake Regional Express Care - Eldon
304 E. Fourth St.
Eldon, MO 65026

Lake Regional Pharmacy - Eldon
416 S. Maple
Eldon, MO 65026

Rehabilitation Therapies
304 E. Fourth St
Eldon, MO 65026
Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation: 573.392.9400
Physical and Occupational Therapy: 573.392.3000
Speech Therapy: 573.302.2236

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