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Board of Directors


  • James D. Judas, Jr.

    James D. Judas, Jr.

  • Karen Faiferlick

    Karen Faiferlick
    Vice President

  • Dennis Michaelree

    Dennis Michaelree

  • Charles McElyea

    Charles McElyea
    Assistant Secretary

  • Wayne Compton

    Wayne Compton


  • Greg Anderson

  • Grant Barnum, D.O., FACOI

  • Josh Brickner, D.O.

  • Kevin Byrne, D.O.

  • John Caine

  • Jason Hulett

  • Alan Mead, M.D.

  • John Parrish

  • Mark E. Rector

  • Larry Shields

  • Corey ten Bensel

    Corey ten Bensel


  • Dane Henry, FACHE

    Dane W. Henry, FACHE
    Chief Executive Officer

  • Michael Burcham
    Vice President,
    Physician Practices

  • Henry Zeisel, CPA, FACHE
    Executive Vice President,
    Financial Services/CFO

  • Kevin McRoberts

    Kevin McRoberts, FACHE
    Executive Vice President,
    Chief Operating Officer

  • Melissa Hunter, R.N., MSN
    Executive Vice President,
    Chief Nursing Officer

  • Harbaksh Sangha, M.D.
    Chief Medical Officer

  • Thomas Williams

    Thomas P. Williams
    Vice President, Human Resources

  • Patrick Neece, CIO

    Patrick Neece
    Chief Information Officer

  • Jennifer Bethurem
    Vice President, Public Relations
    and Marketing

Medical Staff Officers

  • Joshua Brickner, DO

    Joshua Brickner, D.O.
    Chief of Staff

  • Jeff Jones, D.O.
    Vice Chief of Staff

  • Andrew Revelle, D.O.