Surgical Procedures Available

Lake Regional offers all general surgery procedures, including laparoscopic techniques. 

  • Hernia repair (laparoscopic and open) 
  • Mastectomy (breast removal)
  • Colon resection (laparoscopic and open)   
  • Gallbladder removal   
  • Liver and biliary tract surgery   
  • Gastric surgery, including resections and anti-reflux surgery   
  • Endocrine surgery (thyroid, parathyroid, pancreas and adrenal)  
  • Outpatient procedures (colonoscopies, endoscopies and EGDs)  
Also available are procedures for ear, nose and throat; plastic and reconstructive surgery, including cosmetic/aesthetic procedures; podiatry; dental; orthopedics, including total joints (knee, hip and ankle); ophthalmology; cardio-thoracic surgery, including open-heart; vascular; gynecological procedures, including laparoscopy; and urologic surgery, including lithotripsy.