Back to Golf

If back pain or surgery have affected your golf game, Lake Regional can help you get back in shape. Lake Regional Health System has been a licensed Back to Golf provider for more than 10 years. Participants may sign up for a four-week or eight-week performance program. If you are recovering from injury, consult your doctor for a referral. For more information, contact Lake Regional's Courtney Hulett, PT, at 573-302-2230. 


Back to Golf helps patients dramatically improve their swing by increasing flexibility, strength and balance in just four-to-eight weeks. Lake Regional Health System is one of only a few sites in Missouri to offer this licensed performance and rehabilitation program, which is nationally recognized by GOLF magazine.



Power, distance and consistency depend on a golfer's ability to position the club during the backswing, through impact and into the follow-through position. Back to Golf has developed the most effective, long-lasting and powerful methods for improving swing. Lake Regional's approach to improving patient flexibility is the same highly specific stretches and techniques used by the PGA.


The stronger the golfer, the more accurate the swing. With increased strength comes increased control and accuracy in rough terrain. Lake Regional uses exercises designed to improve muscle balance during all phases of the swing, increasing distance by as much as 20 yards. 


Balance and the ability to shift weight at the proper time is essential for consistent shots from the tee to green. Lake Regional's balance drills have helped hundreds of golfers increase their distance and accuracy.