Treatment Options

Lake Regional Cancer Center recognizes that the process of cancer diagnosis and staging can be frightening and confusing for patients and their loved ones. To expedite your treatment plan, we work to promote prompt physician consultation and swift, accurate diagnosis. Our clinic staff coordinates with expert pathologists, radiologists, surgeons and other health professionals to help patients navigate the diagnosis and treatment path.


LRCC offers a range of infusion and chemotherapy services. The center’s chemotherapy area includes 10 private chemotherapy bays, each equipped with a television and wireless Internet for added comfort. To encourage open communication and rapport with your health care team, your chemotherapy nurse will provide personal one-on-one care and often will remain with you throughout the chemotherapy process. Our knowledgeable, compassionate nurses take pride in caring for the person in every patient.

Radiation Therapy

We brought the latest cancer-fighting technology to the lake area so you can focus on care and recovery, not highways and drive time.


Our new state-of-the-art linear accelerator enhances our ability to focus higher radiation doses on a targeted tumor, while minimizing the effect on the healthy, surrounding tissue.

Highly trained physicians, physicists, dosimetrists, nurses and support staff, work together to provide a positive treatment experience for patients and their families.

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