Patient Services

Lake Regional Cancer Center utilizes the latest technologies, skills and resources — with a personal touch. Compassionate doctors, nurses, clinicians, therapists, staff members and volunteers work together to offer a network of individuals to join you in your fight against cancer. The following services are available on site.

Cancer Screening Program

Early detection of cancer - finding it before it spreads - gives the best options for successful treatment.

Lake Regional's cancer screening program offers American Cancer Society recommended screenings, a clinical assessment of the results and education to lower the risk of cancer. Individuals who already have experienced cancer and its treatment can benefit from ongoing cancer screenings.

Learn more about the Lake Regional cancer screening program by clicking here.

Lymphedema Therapy

Radiation therapy or the removal of lymph nodes to treat cancer can damage the body’s lymphatic system. Sometimes, this damage results in lymphedema — the accumulation of lymph fluid and significant swelling in a limb or body part.

Because surgical removal or radiation of lymph nodes is frequently done in breast, uterine and prostate cancer treatments, lymphedema can occur after these procedures. Thankfully, with early intervention and proper treatment, lymphedema can be controlled, enabling patients to lead full lives.

Lake Regional has certified lymphatic therapists on staff who provide complete decongestive therapy to reduce pain and swelling. Call 573-302-2230 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Nutrition Services

LRCC recognizes that nutrition plays a major role in the care and healing of individuals diagnosed with cancer. To help patients meet nutritional needs and goals, expert registered, licensed dietitians partner with the LRCC health care team to support patients throughout their cancer treatment course and recovery. The center offers a variety of services to help you with special needs.

Palliative Care

LRCC provides palliative care services for patients diagnosed with serious, progressive or life-altering illnesses. Caring and compassionate, our palliative care team works to support patients and their families as they cope with the physical, emotional, social and spiritual effects related to their disease process. 

The Palliative Care Team communicates with health care providers to ensure that every treatment plan is tailored to enhance the quality of life and meet each patient’s goals and wishes throughout the disease process — helping every patient live life to its fullest.

Cancer Resource Navigator

Knowledgeable and caring, Lake Regional's Cancer Resource Navigator strives to ensure that each patient and family receives the needed resources and assistance to cope effectively with the effects of cancer. Assistance with financial needs is a large part of the Navigator's role because this can be a significant stress for patients. By researching options for assistance, networking and advocacy, and by providing a thorough psychosocial assessment, the Resource Navigator is there to support you from diagnosis to survivorship. To learn more about the Resource Navigator, click here.

Cancer Resource Center

LRCC works in close collaboration with the American Cancer Society to provide a comprehensive array of services for area cancer patients. Largely funded by community donations, the American Cancer Society offers many free benefits. Examples include wigs, hats, breast prostheses, nutritional supplements, travel assistance and support programs. Located conveniently in the Cancer Center, the Resource Center is staffed by dedicated volunteers who have firsthand knowledge of what it means to face cancer.

Support Groups/Services

Lake Regional support groups and services for area cancer patients are listed below. For information on additional classes and events at Lake Regional, click here.

Look Good...Feel Better

10 a.m. the last Wednesday of the month
Lake Regional Cancer Center Resource Room

Women currently undergoing cancer treatment are encouraged to attend this free session to help cope with appearance-related side effects. Click here for information on upcoming sessions, or call the Cancer Center at 573-302-2772.

HOPE for Women

11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. the last Wednesday of each month
Lake Regional Cancer Center Resource Room

Area women with cancer who currently are undergoing or have finished treatment are invited to attend. Each meeting begins with a 20-minute educational session, followed by a support group meeting. The goal of HOPE for Women is to provide education and support for women diagnosed with cancer. This group is a lunch and share meeting that includes $5 cafeteria vouchers for each participant. Facilitators are Laura Maloney and Melissa McCormick. To view upcoming dates, click here. For more information, call 573-302-2797.

HOPE for Women recipient, Michelle Miller, describes how the program lifted her spirits and gave her the support needed to beat breast cancer.  Read and watch Michelle's story here.

Cancer Support Group for Men

11:15 a.m. the third Wednesday of the month
Lake Regional Cancer Center Resource Room

This support group is for men with a cancer diagnosis who currently are undergoing treatment or are in recovery. This gathering is a lunch and share meeting; $5 cafeteria vouchers provided to each participant. Cancer Center Volunteer Charlie Franke leads the meeting. Call the Cancer Center at 573-302-2772 for more information.

Lymphedema 101

11:30 a.m. the second Tuesday of the month
Lake Regional Cancer Center Resource Room

Lymphedema 101 is a one-hour course offered to patients who may be at risk for the development of lymphedema related to surgery or cancer treatment. It will be presented by Lake Regional Rehab Therapy and will review subjects such as: what is lymphedema, who is at risk, stages of lymphedema, monitoring techniques, prevention techniques, treatment options, when to see your doctor, and more. Participants can sign up by calling the Cancer Center at 302-2772.


The Re-Live program at Lake Regional is designed to bridge the gap between treatment and helping patients regain a healthy, active lifestyle. It includes a multidisciplinary team that addresses all aspects of a patient’s lifestyle including diet, exercise and health history. Patients receive individual counseling and medical oversight throughout the program. For more information, contact Cancer Resource Navigator, Nicole Stephens, LBSW, at 573-302-2752. 

Cancer survivor Kristie Elsberry shares her journey to renewed health with the Re-Live program at 

Yoga Flow

1 - 2 p.m. each Thursday
Lake Regional Hospital - 3rd Floor Conference Rooms

Yoga Flow is a free flexibility and balance training class led by Lake Regional Nurse Educator Jennifer Newman, a certified Yoga Fit and Yoga Fit for the Heart instructor. The class is designed to accommodate heart patients, cancer patients and others with limitations. Participants may use a chair or mat for stability.Yoga has proven to have numerous health benefits including stress reduction, muscle strengthening and toning, improved balance and flexibility and greater range of motion. Individuals with varying levels of activity can participate. To sign up or for more information, call 573-302-2282.

Other Services at Lake Regional