Lake Regional Patient Portals

PORTAL UPDATES COMING SOON! On May 1, Lake Regional will combine its hospital/Imaging Center and clinic patient portals. We hope you will enjoy the convenience of ONE login and ONE place to view your health information. Click to learn more. IMPORTANT: Only future visits and reports will be available on your updated portal. Previous summaries and results will not carry over. Please print any past reports, such as lab results, that you want to keep by April 26.  

Lake Regional patient portals are online resources for patients to access personal medical records in a safe, secure and private manner using simple, password-protected accounts. You can view test results, prescriptions, allergies, immunizations and other portions of your health record. First-time portal users can find registration details below. Need help? Call 573-348-8245 or email us.

ALREADY ENROLLED? Click a location to sign in. 



Hospital/Imaging Center Portal
This portal is for patients admitted to or receiving tests at Lake Regional Hospital or Lake Regional Imaging Center. 

Lake Regional Clinics Portal
This portal is for patients of a Lake Regional primary care clinic, specialty clinic or Express Care facility. Contact your physician's office to be web-enabled. A Lake Regional employee will input your contact information, then email instructions to you for first-time users. For help, contact your physician's office.