Exceptional Experiences

One Surgery, Two New Knees 

Kristi McGrew, a reading teacher at School of the Osage Heritage Elementary School, had an unusual summer project. 

“While school was out, my summer project was to get new knees so I can keep up with all of the kids,” McGrew said of her decision to have both knees replaced over the summer break.With the help of Lake Regional Orthopedic surgeons and Lake Regional Rehab therapists, Kristi was able to get up and running in time for a new school year. Read and watch Kristi's story.


Beating Breast Cancer

When Michelle Miller was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 41, she understood her diagnosis was serious but not hopeless. Along with going to Lake Regional Cancer Center for her radiation and chemo, Miller also went to Lake Regional General Surgeon John Patton, D.O., FACOS, for surgery to remove the tumor and 13 lymph nodes. Nine of the 13 had cancer.Miller also drew support from Lake Regional’s HOPE Program. This program is funded by community donations and provides various forms of help to local cancer patients. “Twenty years ago, I wouldn’t have made it,” Miller said. “Lake Regional saved my life.” Read and watch Michelle's story.


A Win for Safety

From sprains to concussions, injuries are a part of school sports. To help students compete with fewer injuries — and to ensure proper care for injuries that do occur — athletic trainers from Lake Regional Sports Medicine attend practices and games at three local schools. Athletic trainers Zach Greco and Kaelin Wilson cover multiple sports at School of the Osage, Camdenton R-III and Morgan County R-II, at no cost to the schools. Learn how Lake Regional Sports Medicine athletic trainers keep local athletes healthy on and off the field. 


Life After Cancer 

When Kristy Elsberry's cancer treatment came to a successful end, she was surprised to find that instead of feeling elated, she felt as though a safety net had been pulled out from under her. Thanks to the Re-Live rehabilitation program at Lake Regional, Kristy regained her health, vitality and hope for a cancer-free future. Read and watch Kristy's story. 

Ireland's Arrival

Nearly two weeks past her due date, Danielle Ellsworth was experiencing contractions, but there was still no sign of dilatation. Danielle and her husband Aaron found comfort in knowing the doctors and nurses of the Family Birth Center were keeping a close eye on mother and baby with the help of fetal heart monitors. Read and watch the story of Ireland's arrival.

Close to the Heart

When BassingBob.com founder, Bob Bueltmann, arrived in the Lake Regional Emergency Department his chest pain was at a nine. Having struggled with heart problems for the last several years, Bob was thankful for the expert care of the Lake Regional emergency staff and cardiac team. 

Read and watch Bob's story.

Back in the Classroom

When Katie Heinz learned that she needed both a tonsillectomy and thyroid surgery, missing out at school was one of her first concerns. By combining experience, expertise and cutting-edge technology, Ear, Nose and Throat surgeon, Edward Barns, M.D., FACS, had Katie back in the classroom and making the grade.Read and watch Katie's story.

Field of Play

Fifteen Minutes into a Friday night soccer game, star athlete Denetria Lewin suffered an injury that threatened to end her athletic career. An examination by Lake Regional Orthopedic Surgeon Scott Hofer, D.O. revealed that Denetria not only had a torn ACL, but she also had a torn meniscus and MCL as well.

"It was very upsetting," Lewin says. "This is one of those career type setbacks and I had it." With the help of the Lake Regional Sports Medicine and Rehab team, Denetria can look forward to many more years of healthy competition. Read and watch Denteria's story

Wounds Can Heal

Anna Franklin, 84, knew she needed to see her doctor.

“I had what I call a water blister come up on my leg just above my ankle, and it burst,” she said. “My doctor said I should go to Lake Regional Wound Healing Center to have it treated.”

Franklin came to the Wound Healing Center once a week for seven weeks, never missing an appointment. At the end of the seven weeks, new skin covered the wound. Her leg had healed. Read Anna's full story.


Heart Set On Recovery

After suffering a heart attack and undergoing heart surgery, Carl Gauck is enthusiastically following his doctor’s orders for cardiac rehabilitation. “My attitude is, anything that’s going to help me get back to normal to do the things that I enjoy, I’m going to do it,” said Gauck. A Lake Ozark resident, Gauck served as the Missouri Senate chaplain for 18 years and is completing his cardiac rehabilitation at Lake Regional Hospital. Read Carl's full story here.

A Hip Approach

Sue Parks was tired of limping, and she was tired of hurting. She had to do something about her bad hip. “After work, I just went home, and that was it,” she says. “Once I made it to the recliner, I was done.” Finally, Parks went to see Jeff Jones, D.O., an orthopedic surgeon at Lake Regional. He diagnosed her with end-stage osteoarthritis in her right hip. Read Sue's full story here.


Big Care for Little Patients

When Jennifer Hollingsworth first heard that her 6-day-old daughter, Helen, needed to be readmitted to the Lake Regional Family Birth Center to gain weight, she felt a little panicked. Helen was expected to be fine, but to stay with her, Hollingsworth thought she’d have to separate from Helen’s twin brother, Quill. And she was breastfeeding both.

Thankfully, Hollingsworth didn’t have to choose between her newborns. As a Level II Nursery, Lake Regional Family Birth Center was able to meet all of her family’s needs. Read and watch Jennifer's story. 

Beating Breast Cancer with a Smile 

Pattie Alkire tells her breast cancer survivor story with a smile. There were times during her battle when she struggled not to give into sadness and fear.“If you’re going through cancer, there are going to be good days and bad days; you’ll take one step forward and two steps back,” she says. “There are times when you give up, but then you see other people fighting cancer and think, ‘If they can do it, I can, too.’” Read and watch Pattie's story

Eleven Steps

The difference of 11 steps alerted Ron White to a life-threatening cardiac condition. Thanks to the exceptional care of the Lake Regional Cardiac team and rehabilitation specialists, Ron can look forward to a long and active life. Learn more at lakeregional.com/cardiaccare. Read and watch Ron's story.

 Exceptional Athlete - Exceptional Care

Kim Whittle knew as soon as her daughter looked at her that something was wrong. After sliding into home, Jessi Whittle had not gotten right up. Instead, the then-14-year-old looked for her mom, sitting behind home plate. Then she started to stand, and Kim saw her daughter’s right foot turned sideways and realized the injury needed immediate attention. After being examined by the Lake Regional Emergency Department, the Whittle's learned that Jessi had a long road ahead that included surgery to repair her broken ankle and physical therapy to keep her off the sidelines and get her back in the game.

Read and watch Jessi's story.


Exceptional Cancer Care

Robert Trokey was having a good time visiting with family when suddenly, he felt faint and passed out. He quickly revived, but was transported by ambulance to Lake Regional Hospital where he soon learned that he was in for the fight of his life. A CAT scan revealed a mass which was determined to be cancerous. Read more about Trokey's cancer journey and the exceptional care he received at Lake Regional Cancer Center at lakeregional.com. Read and watch Robert's story.


Thumbs Up for Exceptional Care

What was supposed to be a fun-filled vacation for a Wisconsin family, nearly turned into a tragedy when 13-year-old Tyler Delaney's hand became entangled in a tow rope after a day of wakeboarding. One year later, he returned to thank the Lake Regional surgeons and wound care team who save his thumb from amputation. Read and watch Tyler's story.


Back in the Game

When Joe Davinroy retired after more than 40 years as a pharmacist, he had plans for fishing, yard work and a whole lot of golf. What he did not plan on was having a stroke.

Read and watch Joe's story.



Best Heart Care Anywhere (Video)

Before Helen Barnes had heart bypass surgery, she watched several family members struggle through long, hard recoveries from similar procedures. She’s happy to report that’s not the experience she had receiving care from Lake Regional. “Everything went so well,” she says. “I could never have expected better care, nor received better care.” Read and watch her story




Candid About Colonoscopy (Video)

Barbara Morawitz was nervous — very nervous — about having her first colonoscopy. “I’m 65 years old, and you are supposed to have your first colonoscopy at 50,” she says. “I kept putting it off.”  She explains that even a trip to the dentist fills her with dread, so it took her primary care doctor, Lake Regional’s James Neill, M.D., insisting she needed the screening before she worked up the courage for the potentially lifesaving test.” Read and watch her story.

Thanks to Cardiac Care at Lake Regional, Pat McNally is Thriving (Video)

Pat and Patty McNally have called Osage Beach home since 1975. "As Realtors, we've always recommended the hospital and believed you get great healthcare here. But except for the birth of our youngest son in 1984, we hadn't truly experienced it for ourselves." That all changed in May 2014. Read and watch their story.


Lake Regional Cancer Patient Surviving & Thriving (Video)

Although a cancer diagnosis can be a long road, Janice Reitz is taking her journey in stride. The breast cancer survivor finds happiness in everyday things, even treatment because it’s all part of the joy of living. "I felt tremendous support throughout my treatment," she says.  "And when my hair fell out, or I was tired, they encouraged me." Read and watch her story. 



Cary & Trish Creach Start Parenthood at Lake Regional (Video)

“I began to think that being a mom just wasn’t in the cards for me. But, when we found out we were finally pregnant, I knew I wanted to be at Lake Regional. I expected quality care, but what I got was exceptional care.”
See how Lake Regional helped the Creachs welcome their baby.



Dennis Hiner Fights Back With Help From The Cardiac Team (Video)


While vacationing in the Bahamas, Dennis Hiner felt something wasn’t right. He’d suffered a heart attack several years earlier and feared the worst. Following cardiac catheterization, Hiner needed an emergency double bypass. Find out how Lake Regional's cardiac team brought him back from the brink.

Family Birth Center Initiatives Create Unique Experience (Video)

Heather Rockstad knew immediately that Lake Regional Family Birth Center was where she wanted to deliver her third child. “The nurses are so great and made the experience of having children, which is awkward in itself, not awkward at all. Having a lactation consultant there to help was so great.”
Watch her story here.



Skilled Nursing Facility Makes Orienne Koll Feel At Home (Video)


Orienne Koll, 99, fell and broke her hip. Surgery at Lake Regional fixed the break, and healing began with Lake Regional nursing staff and physical therapists in the Skilled Nursing Facility. “It’s just so wonderful there. Anytime you need something, they’re right there. I’ve broken my hip and done this before, but it’s so much better here than other hospitals.”
See her story here.

Lake Regional Volunteer Experiences Exceptional Care Firsthand (Video)

Nighttime pains sent Jerry Rice to Lake Regional Emergency Department, where quick diagnosis and surgery started the healing process. “It was a life-threatening situation, but everyone was so gracious I never felt in danger.”  
See Rice's story.




Lake Regional Helps Active Dad Recover Fast

Tom Mosher didn't want to slow down. He had fun things planned with his family. When a collapsed lung changed his plans, Lake Regional helped him recover fast. “It was the most humbling experience being completely helpless and unable to take care of yourself,” he says. “But the nurses and staff in ICU were always there.”
Read how Lake Regional helped Tom recover.

Quick Intervention Leads to a Speedy Recovery

When James Doores experienced tremendous pain in his chest, his wife, Mary, immediately called 911. Within 10 minutes, an EMS crew was providing lifesaving treatment for the 79-year-old.
Read more about how Lake Regional saved Doores' life.





Lake Regional's Cancer Resource Navigator is on your side

Lilli Heinrich's second diagnosis for stage III breast cancer came in 2013. Following surgery, Heinrich chose Lake Regional Cancer Center for chemotherapy and radiation treatments. See how Lake Regional helped Lilli battle breast cancer for a second time but with emotional, physical and financial support.



 Carol Culley Gets Back on Her Feet with Lake Regional


“I had pain in my knee for more than a year. I had several surgeries, and nothing was working that would permanently help. I trusted Dr. Hofer immediately. He knew what he had to do to fix my knee.”
Read more about Carol's Lake Regional experience.




Tom Lankford Trusts Lake Regional for Cardiac Care

"When I needed open heart surgery, I trusted the experienced team at Lake Regional. After life-saving surgery and cardiac rehab, I'm feeling good as new. Bobbi and I are having fun doing all the things we've always dreamed of, like taking a trip to Australia. The care team at Lake Regional treated us like family."
Read more about Tom's Lake Regional experience.