Lake Regional Observes American Diabetes Awareness Month

November is American Diabetes Awareness Month. The theme of the American Diabetes Association’s national campaign, “Protect our future,” relates to the goal to engage, empower and educate youth to recognize the importance of early awareness of the risks and dangers of diabetes. The aim is to build awareness among children and young people that, in many cases, type 2 diabetes can be prevented through healthy eating and physical activity.

“Obesity and being overweight is becoming increasingly prevalent in young children and adolescents, leading to an increase in chronic diseases, such as diabetes, later in life,” said Kristi Brown, R.N., MSN, Lake Regional diabetes educator. “If parents instill healthy habits in their children from an early age, they are more likely to make healthier lifestyle choices as adults.”

Making healthy lifestyle choices is the focus of Lake Regional’s fall Trim Kids program. Part of the Trim Kids program includes diabetes prevention by teaching portion control, healthy snacks, and getting rid of soda and junk foods.

“This is a whole family change, not just a change for the Trim Kids participant,” said Anita Marlay, L.D., R.D., Lake Regional dietitian. “Shopping for healthier food and educating your child about healthy choices is part of the parent’s responsibility for diabetes prevention.”

The Trim Kids program is just one of the educational programming topics during the year that Lake Regional sponsors for promoting healthier families. The spring Trim Kids program will kick off Feb. 28. Participants can register online here. The registration deadline is Feb. 15.