Donor Achievements

Donors may designate their contributions for a specific purpose. Otherwise, it will go into the hospital's endowment. Some fundraising appeals or events raise money for particular areas of the hospital.

Below are just some of the significant contributions to the hospital made possible by your donations.

Cancer Treatment

  • Fundraisers held by various businesses each October, continue to raise funds for the Lake Regional Cancer Center HOPE program
  • Proceeds in the amount of $155,000 from the 30th Annual HK's Hospital Benefit Golf Tournament held June 2008 helped pay to combine the Medical Oncology and Radiation Therapy departments into one centralized cancer treatment center at the north end of the hospital with its own entrance.  
  • The Newcomers/Longtimers association donated $5,300 in 2006 to provide new, specially made chemotherapy recliners for patients.  
  • Equipment for the medical oncology suite was purchased in 2005 with proceeds from the 27th Annual HK’s Golf Tournament in the amount of $125,000. 
  • Through capital campaign donations and pledges from the community amounting to $3.7 million, a comprehensive cancer treatment center, including radiation therapy treatment, was built at Lake Regional. The Center for Radiation Therapy opened May 3, 2004. 
  • Proceeds from HK's Hospital Benefit Golf Tournament from 2002, 2003 and 2004 totaling $355,000, were directed to the cancer treatment center. 

Cardiac Cath Lab

  • 2015 HK's Hospital Benefit Golf Tournament raised funds for Lake Regional’s Cardiac Catheterization Lab, which is used to diagnose and treat patients with heart and blood vessel disease, and to implant pacemakers. 
  • 2015 Annual Hospital Ball also benefited the Lake Regional Cardiac Catheterization Lab, by raising funds to upgrade the lab's hemodynamic monitoring system. 
  • 2011 HK's Hospital Benefit Golf Tournament raised $170,000 to renovate a Cath Lab suite.
  • 2010 HK's Hospital Benefit Golf Tournament raised $146,000 to renovate a Cath Lab suite.  

Cardiac Rehab

  • 2015 Fun Run/Walk raised $4,354 for Cardiac Rehab.  
  • 2014 Fun Run/Walk raised $4,611 for Cardiac Rehab.
  • 2013 Fun Run/Walk raised $4,500 for Cardiac Rehab. 
  • 2012 Fun Run/Walk raised more than $3,400 for Cardiac Rehab.
  • 2011 Fun Run/Walk raised $4,000 for Cardiac Rehab.
  • 2010 Fun Run/Walk raised $5,600 for Cardiac Rehab. 
  • Equipment was purchased in 1997 with proceeds from the 19th Annual HK’s Hospital Benefit Golf Tournament. 


  • The stained glass window in the Lake Regional Hospital Chapel was purchased with funds from generous organizations and individuals throughout the lake area. 

Diagnostic Imaging

  • In 2010, Newcomers/Longtimers donated $2,625 for an MRI breast coil for the new digital mammography equipment. In 2009, they donated $2,500 to offset the costs of purchasing a bone density scanner.   

Education Resource Center

  • Proceeds from the 2010 and 2011 Kiwanis Christmas for Kids programs helped support the Trim Kids program at Lake Regional. 

Emergency Department

  • A CO2 detector, which determines a patient’s carbon dioxide levels, was purchased with proceeds from the 2008 LOYA Texas Hold 'Em Tournament. 
  • Specialized training for the Emergency Department nurses was provided using proceeds from the 2007 LOYA Texas Hold 'Em Tournament. 
  • A state-of-the-art Vocera Communication System was purchased in 2006 with proceeds from the 28th Annual HK's Hospital Benefit Golf Tournament. 
  • A blanket warmer and an additional EKG heart monitor were purchased with proceeds from the Branson Stars event. 
  • A Passport 2 Datascope, a pediatric radiation warmer, and a defibrillator were purchased with proceeds from LOYA events in 2003, 2004 and 2005
  • A level I fluid warmer was purchased with LOYA Escort-a-Thon 2002 proceeds. 
  • A doppler hand-held ultrasound machine was purchased with funds from the 2001 LOYA Escort-a-Thon.
  • An ophthalmology chair was purchased with funds from the 2000 LOYA Escort-a-Thon.
  • A 12-lead EKG system was purchased with funds from the 1999 LOYA Escort-a-Thon. 
  • An intubation scope was purchased with funds from the 1998 LOYA Escort-a-Thon. 
  • Replacement mattresses and new stretchers were purchased with donor dollars. 
  • Blood pressure monitors were purchased by generous donors. 


  • Endoscopy training was paid for by a generous donor. 


  • In 2014, we received funds from the Bill and Betty Hagadorn Trusts in the amount of $955,000.
  • In 2011, Dr. Jean Butterfield donated her home in Old Kinderhook to leave an ongoing legacy to Lake Regional.
  • The Hospital's Endowment has increased steadily the last few years through the generosity of our Legacy Society members and donations through the Annual Appeal and Second Homeowner Appeal. 
  • In 2004, we received funds from the Cleo Sherrell and Anita Shaidnagle trusts that boosted the Endowment by $500,000. 

Intensive Care Unit

  • The ICU was furnished with proceeds from the 1999, 2000 and 2001 HK's Hospital Benefit Golf Tournaments.  
  • An ICU room was furnished by and dedicated to Tan-Tar-A Resort and Golf Club. 


  • 2014 HK's Hospital Benefit Golf Tournament raised funds for Lake Regional Laboratory to purchase equipment. 

Lifeline Program

  • An emergency response system was purchased by VFW Post 5923 and others to provide help to those who are homebound. For information on this program, contact Billye Bennett at 573-348-2737. 

Medical/Surgical Unit

  • Blanket warmers, raised toilet seats, telephone headsets, shower chairs and commodes were purchased with donor dollars. 
  • Nursing scholarships were made available through donations from the Anheuser-Busch Foundation.   

Observation Nursing Unit

  • The unit was furnished with proceeds from the 1999 and 2000 Annual Auxiliary Hospital Balls and other Auxiliary fundraisers.   

Obstetrics Department

  • Proceeds from the 2007 HK’s Hospital Benefit Golf Tournament provided the furnishings for the expansion of the OB department. 


  • In February 2009, Lake Regional received $3,000 from the Kiwanis Christmas for Kids program to purchase a pediatric infant warmer. 
  • The Newcomers/Longtimers Association donated $3,750 for pediatric emergency kits in 2009.  
  •  A roam alert security system was purchased with funds donated by the Christmas for Kids program in 2006 and 2007 to keep our newborns safe. 
  • A wagon, VCR, Nintendo, videos, pediatric crash cart, pediatric stethoscope, blood pressure monitors, infant immobilizer and positioning system, pediatric advanced lifesaving training for nurses and other items for hospitalized children were purchased with funds donated by the Christmas for Kids each year from 1999 to date. 

Sleep Lab

In 2013, the 35th Annual HK's Hospital Benefit Golf Tournament raised $160,000 for the Lake Regional Sleep Lab

Speech Therapy

  • In 2010, Christmas for Kids donated $3,500 to purchase an interactive metronome to help certain patients regain their speech. In 2009, $2,500 was donated by the Enterprise Rent-A-Car Foundation, which also went toward the purchase of the metronome.   


  • Proceeds from the 2012 HK's Hospital Benefit Golf Tournament of $160,000 helped purchase a hana© surgical table, which is used to perform less-invasive orthopedic procedures, including total hip and knee replacements.

Wound Healing Center

  • Proceeds from 2009 HK’s Hospital Benefit Golf Tournament in the amount of $135,000 helped purchase equipment for the new Wound Healing Center.