Fund Development

Throughout its history, Lake Regional Hospital has relied on the generosity of the community to endorse our mission and build our state-of-the-art facility. Your commitment through a gift to the endowment fund is the strongest statement of support you can make for our continued growth, mission, vision and values. 

The endowment fund is money set aside for use by the hospital. The principal of the fund (your donation) must remain intact. The hospital cannot use generated income without LRHS board approval. By making a gift to the fund, you will ensure the stability of the hospital for future generations in perpetuity.


  • are critical to the long-term survival of nonprofits 
  • signal fiscal responsibility 
  • supply revenue when donations are down and charitable need increases 
  • emphasize future needs 
  • offer stable and consistent support to charitable missions
  • provide income from the donations year after year
  • can be made during a person's lifetime, but funded after their death 
  • shelter charity programs from ups and downs in the economy 
  • send a message of stability 
  • provide program expansion   
For other giving options, see Planned Giving Optionsand Types of Donations and Benefits of Donating.

About Lake Regional Fund Development 

Lake Regional Fund Development is the conduit through which residents and visitors learn what their hospital stands for, what it does, how it serves the needs of the community and future hospital needs that require funding (donations).  The department's mission is to develop and provide multiple avenues through which donors may support Lake Regional Hospital, a 501(c)(3), not-for-profit community corporation, through their generous philanthropy. 

Contact Us

Mail donations to:

Lake Regional Health System
Attn: Fund Development
54 Hospital Drive
Osage Beach, MO 65065